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After Alex´s rock climbing adventure on the beach we had a "slow day". turns out, after eating that Pozole, i got sick. not from the food, but probably because i was suuuuper dehydrated. (if you read the last entry you´ll remember that we forgot to bring water.) i felt fine all day but when we got back to the hotel to watch Silence of the Lambs i developed a killer headache and thought it might just be from the heat, so i drank some water and tried to take a cold shower, but ended up throwing up instead. not to worry, it didn´t last very long and i went to sleep right away and woke up just fine the next morning, but it wasn´t terribly pleasant. alex was a hero and ran to the store for water and gum because i was worried about throw-up breath. yummy.

so yeah...february 11th was a slow day. we played Pokemon on our gameboys, alex went for a swim, and we went for a walk later. did a little bit of shopping and finally found a shirt i liked, so i picked that up. it´s really light and kind of a pinky color. i´ll put up a picture soon enough. this is another one of those "can´t hook up a camera" places. we really should go back to that first place...too bad neither of us remembers where it is. ha.

we also went and finally talked to Natalia who suggested that we talk to her nephew Coly about finding more body surfing beaches. he wasn´t there that day, so we checked out some of the shops along the beach which has some GREAT masks that i´m going to have to pick up, and then kept on walking. there was a basketball game on in the court, so we watched that for a bit, and then headed back to the hotel.

on february 12th we talked to the woman at the front desk of our Hotel about our water. we have hot water, but our cold was slowly disappearing, and then our toilet wouldn´t flush, and then eventually, we didn´t have any running water at all. so we talked to her about it, and then headed out to Playa Quieta near the club med. it´s my favorite so far. the waves were nice and calm but we were still able to body surf. it was an awesome "Stacey" beach. no danger for me. haha.

ALEX: We went to the club med beach. I had been told that it was next to secret private surfing beach which I wanted to at the very least investigate. the cab dropped us off outside club med and it was really hot so we decided to hit the waves first before exploring the area.

the water was crystal clear and we found some uninhabited beach chairs that belonged to club med. I figured due to our pale complexion we could probably just sit in them and nobody would be the wiser. shortly after settling down, however, a short mexican gaurd wearing a spiffy all white uniform came and told us we couldn´t use the chairs. so we but our stuff in the shade of a bush and surfed for a couple of hours. after a short break I decided I wanted to try and swim to an island a couple of kms away from the shore. it was pretty far away, but I wanted to do it because I knew I could. Stacey was not happy with this plan but I did it anyway. Stacey says I have to include that she didn´t tell me not to do it, but I could tell at the time how she felt.

Off I went there were some jet skis and small lazer sailboats wizzing past me on either side once I got outside the ¨designated swimming area¨. One of the dudes on a boat gave me a thumbsup, from others I recieved troubling looks as to why I was out there. after about a half an hour I starting getting close to the island the water below me started to get lighter coloured and I could hear the waves crashing up on the rocks. weet woo. i had hoped that there would be a nice sandy beach waiting for me, or perhaps a steep rock island jutting our from the ocean floor. instead there was about 20 feet of slippery algie covered rocks with waves pushing back and forth across them. I was getting alittle bit worried. I discovered that if I moved very slowly and timed my movements by the incoming waves then I could progress over the hazzardous terrain. once the rocks were protruding from the water I could see large crabs crawling around betwixt sea anemones. I then realized how fortunate I had been. when I arrived on what I called land the surface which I had thought was sand ended up being millions of shells, likely collected over time by littering birds. I climbed to the top of the rock island 15 feet or so high, and looked back to shore from where stacey was supposed to take my picture. I waved my arms in a frenzy and some the boaters waved back. I marked my territory before my departure by peeing amoungst the rocks. ¨This is my island I said¨. and then I swam back to shore.

On the 13th we took another slow day. Alex wasn´t feeling very well so after breakfast we headed back to the hotel for naps, pokemon, and other fun things. i found out that they have "Trading Spaces" on tv in Spanish, so i watched that for a while. haha. BACK TO BACK!!! it was great. i also cleaned our room, or at least tidied it, and then read some of the book i started, "Portrait in Sepia". (great book, by the way.) alex went for another swim on Playa Principal and so i was by myself for a couple of hours, which was fine. i wanted to make sure i was in tip top shape. my burn finally faded into a tan, and you can CLEARLY see where my bathing suit was, which is pretty funny. that was pretty much our day. nothing super exciting happened that i can remember. we went for another walk, talked to some people in our hotel, a good day, but a slow one, for sure.

on the 14th alex was feeling even worse so we REALLY didn´t do anything. at breakfast we tried to think of things to do, but he had to go back to the hotel to lie down, so that´s what we did. i read my book, and he slept, and then he woke up and played Pokemon while i watched "Trading Spaces" again. he went out the day before and tried to find a present for me, but apparently people in the shops were too pushy and kind of freaked him out, which is fine with me. I´m in mexico. i don´t think anything could really bum me out. haha. we went for dinner at our favorite restaurant and listened to the band for a while. the day before alex had also gone and asked if they would play a song about "blue eyes" but we guessed they forgot because we waited for our check to come for a little over 45 minutes, and they didn´t play anything like that. i still appreciated the effort though. ha.

and today he´s feeling a little better, but still not 100% so we talked to Coly and got some prices on snorkeling, scuba diving, board surfing and kayaking. alex doesn´t want to kayak, and i don´t want to board surf, so we´ll see how that goes, but it looks like maybe tomorrow we´ll go snorkeling, which would be fun. Coly said it´s a four hour trip and we´ll see 3 different snorkeling sites, which would be neat, and he´ll bring us sea-life to look at.

oh yes...how could i forget? today while alex was napping after breakfast, i was fiddling with the camera, and somehow or another reformatted the memory card. know what that means? it means that i lost the 400+ pictures that we had taken in the past couple of weeks. i still can´t believe it. i was pretty angry with myself for a while afterwards and took a nap myself, just because i couldn´t think of anything else to do. thankfully we have some in this journal, but the pictures alex took when he climbed on those rocks and the pictures of the cathedral in Guadalajara are all gone, which i´m a little upset about. still, nothing i can do about it now except take twice as many pictures to make up for it.

today is also the first day i´ve shown any signs of peeling. AND we found out that "Saw II" is in English with subtitles, so we´re going to go and i´m going to be scared silly. oye! hopefully some cartoons will be on tv when we get back, otherwise i won´t be able to sleep. haha.


only 13 days left!!!!
hopefully we can put up pictures of ourselves soon.

-stacey and alex

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We're glad you're going to get some snorkling in. Hope you're both feeling good. Mexico will get you if you go too hard.
I have some news for you. Ben Agin (Artie's son) and his bride Shannon will be in Zihuatanejo Feb. 26, staying at La Casa Qui Canta (it's in the book between La Ropa and Las Gatas beaches. I phoned him today and passed on the link plus that you're staying at the Suzy, though I don't know if you'll still be in Zihua by the time they get there. He says they'd love to meet you if it works. They're fun, smart people in their early 30s. I think you'd enjoy meeting them.

by andream

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