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Map of Mexico

2 Weeks Until I Leave!!!

I had a hard time finding a good map that showed exactly where Zihuatanejo was. So...to save you all some time and effort, here's a map!!!


and a lovely photo of Zihuatanejo at night. (of course, the photos I take will be MUCH better thanks to my brand spankin' new digital camera! :D)


and last but not least, here's a picture of the hostel we'll be staying in. Angela's Hotel and Hostel, right in the middle of downtown Zihuatanejo. It's the only one in the Ixtapa/Zi area, so our choices were pretty limited. ha. but i think it'll be great.



Tomorrow, we're booking our flight (FINALLY!), and on Thursday I go for shots, shorts and a backpack. (After much searching and trying on and "this one's too big, and that one's too expensive, and blah blah blah".) And then it's time to practice packing.



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Counting Down

I leave for Mexico in 17 days



Having purchased a rockin' pair of trekking sandals, all that's left on my checklist are the following:

- shorts...because i'm lame and really don't own any

- an expedition bag...alex and i looked at some the other day but all we could find was a 70L transformer...i wish i were kidding. it turned into a duffel bag!!!! i have to find one real quick though because the shop we went to only had 5 left, and if i can't find anything smaller but still with back support then i'm just going to have to settle...still...wish it were cheaper. heh.

- plane tickets...of course. we talked to a lovely fellow named Jordan at the travel agency who's working hard to find us the cheapest flight out. we might even get to spend a night in Mexico City!!!! Whoo!!! we're definiely booking something 14 days in advance though.

- regular ol' toiletries....i hear the bandaids in Mexico aren't great so I have to pick up a lot (Alex has a habit of smashing himself to pieces. HA!) and allergy pills. yee haw.

then all i have to worry about is giving Robyn rent money for February and March (gulp...we'll see if i can get away without paying for march just yet.) and making sure to leave money so that Xiu Xiu can eat.

i still have to make an appointment to get my hair cut and i'll have to see my parents for real before i leave. :)

i'm scheduled for my Hep A and B shots, as well as rabies and some sort of cholera/diarreah (lovely, i know) vaccine that i can take orally on the 19th. thankfully...courteney is going to come with me so that she can hold my hand and help me pick out a backpack.

in a week or so i'm going to clear my camera out so that it's ready to go, and then i'm going to practice packing. haha. it'll be great.

i'm really really getting excited!!!

i can't wait to go!!!


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