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playa majahua

Alex: the third and final beach recomendation for Zihua/Ixtapa surfing by our handy travel book, lonely planet Mexico. next is the hidden private beach next to club med, wish us luck, we may not be able to gain entry. playa Majahua had the biggest waves yet. they were actually alittle bit too big for me, and definately to big for stacey. our book said nothing about a bus to the beach so we hailed a cab, and pointed in the book to the name of the book. the driver looked confused, I´m pretty sure he didn´t know where it was. Just as I think he was explaining that he didn´t know where it was a man overheard and walked over. he flashed a laminated id card and explained that he was a registered tour guide. he said he knew where the beach was and that he would take us there for a small fee. the dude seemed alittle shifty to me but it was already late in the day and I wanted to get going. we all hoped in the cab and went into the winding hills of the countryside. the tour guide told us all about his brother who owned a tour boat and that we could go snorkeling and fishing on it for a small fee. I told him I´d let him know.we came to a large cement awning in the road that was under constuction. some hevily armed cops flaged us down. the tour guide flashed his id and had a breif converstion with the cop, the let us through. I paid the driver his predetermined fee of 5 bucks equivelent, and the tour guide asked for an equal amount *shakes fist in a cheap rage* seemed a bit much to me, but I suppose the cop wouldn´t have let us past otherwise. also 5 bucks isn´t alot. the guide told us that we had to stay on the beach and not to continue on up the road as it was prohibited by the cop. this only made me curious to what was over there but I opted not to go on the road for risk of more cops, my favorite kind of people.

there were no restaurants with heroic waiters at this beach. not much of anything except a large constuction site for a resort. shortly after the cab left Stacey realized we had forgot to buy water. a dire mistake when you go to an isolated beach in the mexican summer. I hit the surf and stacey waded in for a bit. we quickly noticed that the waves were significantly larger then any of the others we had encounted thus far. Stacey retreated to the beach, I really can´t blame her. we can´t post any pictures today unfortunatly cause Stacey couldn´t get the computers to except her camera software. wee woo. this net cafe has very old computers.

this beach was alot smaller in width with rockes and cliffs on either side. I tried to surf in the middle for a while, after about a half an hour I encountered a series of very large waves. Stacey and I estimate 30-35 feet in hight. I can handle one or two but it was clear after about 5 that I had little control of my whereabouts. I was ducking under them with mostly success, and getting dumped on my face only once or twice. then I started getting kinda close to the rocks one side. I managed to pull myself to safety with Stacey looking worried and helpless from the beach. I was alittle bit tired after that. I took a break then we decided to try and climb along some cliffs in the direction that we were not supposed to go. I suppose curiosity got the better of me.

we clambered along for alittle bit and saw some very large crabs in some the tidal pools. I really wanted to see around the side of the cliffs so that I could detirmine my suspicion and hope that it was the secret, private surfing beach I have been waiting so long for. once the rocks started to get a bit crumbly and difficult to climb along in sandles Stacey stopped and looked on as I continued along the treacherous terrain. I said as I left her line of sight that I would try and be back soon as not to worry her. I had a good idea of were I wanted to get to but the lower rocks had waves and water battering into them, and the upper cliffes had lots of sand all over them. I shimmied along the top cliffs being mindful of pelicans and hawks wizzing past me finally I could see the peak that I had been hoping for. it had bird poop all over it but I didn´t care. I climbed that last streach of the way and looked over. Unfortuatly it did not appear to be the beach I was hoping for but instead some amazind volcanic rock cliffs being buffeted with enormous waves. holding on with the cliff face with one hand I reached into my daybag with my other to retrive staceys camera I got what I hope to be some great shots but I can´t garentee the quality it was pretty hard to hold the camera and toy with the zoom with one free hand while clinging to a cliff face 50 feet about waves and rocks with the other. I will get stacey to post them later.

I arrived to meet another worried Stacey not long after. she informed me it had been 20 minutes and not as ¨real quick¨ as I had planned.

we went back down the rest of the way and I went surfing for about an hour longer until the dehydation got to me. :Alex

Stacey: We´re still staying at the Hotel Susy in Zihua and we haven´t gone to see if Natalia is still around. We´re probably going to do that tomorrow or the day after. Alex hasn´t decided if he wants to go try to see how Club Med is, or if he just wants to have another slow sort of day.

Maybe I could actually find a shirt that i like. ha.

Oh yes. I should also mention that while Alex was having his miraculous rock climbing adventure, i was sitting on the side of an incredibly hot cliff...trying to avoid the waves crashing up onto them. I probably could have climbed down on my own, except that some construction workers had decided to laze around on the beach, and I´m ridiculous and didn´t want them to try to talk to me.

Thankfully, no burn today. I was all over the sunscreen like you wouldn´t believe.

A good movie usually starts on cable at around 10pm, so we´re going to jet. I think it´s Silence of the Lambs tonight. I´ve never actually seen the beginning. good thing we´re close to the hotel.

Until tomorrow!!! or possibly the day after.

-Stacey and Alex

p.s. we´ve discovered that our favorite restaurant so far is ´El Sanka Grill´. we´ve been there a few times and they´ve started "Welcoming us home". haha. it´s very sweet.

Also, the place we ate at tonight was great, and i finally got to try a massive bowl of pozole (which is apparently a traditional guerrera dish.(Guerrera is the Mexican state we´re in.)) we had to tag team it, and then got to give some americans some dirty looks because they expected faster service in a busy restaurant with three servers. they were jerks. they deserved it. heh.


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Please oh please be wary of the ocean. I have great respect for the sudden arrival of rogue waves on a calm day and undertows after almost drowning in Hawaii. And I won't tell you about the guy who broke his neck being slammed onto the
sand by a body surfing wave. Gee this is a really cheery note huh? I just like you guys too much in one piece. Call it attachment.
Sounds like you are having a peachy time. Carry on! Phoenix was particularly interested in the animals you've encountered. She had a face to face with a cat who wasn't afriad of her today, so she's really pumped on the wild animal kingdom. Electronic hugs around.XX

by rho

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