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officially in mexico, first update

writing from Zihuatanejo

alrighty, we´re finally in Zihuatanejo, after going through Mexico City and Guadalajara.


first, of course, alex´s mom took a picture of us at the airport, which was fantastic of her, because i doubt we´ll be handing the camera off anytime soon. ha. then we´re off.

the plane ride to mexico city was pretty uneventful. 6 hours, and no movie. waw waw. but that´s ok. i became VERY good at Pokemon for the gameboy, VERY quickly.

mexico city from the plane

we got there too late to really do anything but head straight to our hotel, which we did. it was nice, with a little fridge and the bed in a separate room. it was like a little apartment. we had to go out to eat, but it was literally around the corner, so no trouble. then we were up bright and early to catch our flight to guadalajara, UNFORTUNATELY, 4 different people sent us estupidos gringos to the international flights area. i guess they thought we were going back to canada. we missed our 7am flight, but they rescheduled us for 9am instead, and it didn´t cost anything, which was nice. one hour and we were in Guadalajara. we checked into the Hotel Serena right across from the bus depot and then caught a cab downtown.

we had parakeets at our hotel. :D

a fountain at the Plaza in downtown Guadalajara

we went inside this beautiful cathedral

it had this organ inside, which i thought was absolutely spectacular. i got some really good shots inside here.

this fountain was great and had little ceramic frogs on the outside.

then we got into a horse and carriage and got a proper tour of the city. after we got back to the hotel we watched Scarface and then went to bed. at 6am we woke up, partook in the breakfast buffet, and then headed to the depot. our bus was supposed to leave at 8am, but we ran around for a while trying to overcome the language barrier and figure out where our bus was. we finally realized that it wasn´t even there yet, and waited around until it DID show up at 8:30, thankfully. (the next bus to Zihuatanejo wasn´t going to show up for another 5 days. eep.)

that´s pretty much what it looked like the entire way there.

10 hours later, we´re in ZIHUATANEJO!!!

we passed through Ixtapa, which was beautiful, and are planning on biking out there in a couple of days, just to check it out.

Zihuatanejo is excellent and beautiful and the people are wonderful.

The phones are VERY tricky but we figured out that we can recieve text messages and we´re both still plugging away on those phones. i got through once but mostly a woman speaking spanish tells me that my phone numbers don´t exist. don´t worry though (moms :) ), we´re going to keep trying.

ha. due to time constraints i can´t really say much more except for that we´re having a great time so far.

also, i believe it was my brothers birthday yesterday. we made him a present, all the way from Zihuatanejo, Mexico.



this gecko shared our room our first night in Zihua

we changed hotels and this dog was lying outside. that was at around 11am. i took this picture at 7:30pm. same dog. same spot. and yes...it´s still alive.

yay!!! the beach!!!!

-stacey and alex

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Great you've arrived. Ten hours on a bus should have given you a flavor of things. Doug and I were delighted to see you found your way to Zihuatanejo.Sounds like you had a little look at Guadalajara. Where are you staying? Have you found Punta Arenas...take the little bridge to La Noria then turn right.

by andream

What a great experience! Good to hear all is well. I'll make sure your brother gets the message. Can't wait to see more. Love you!

by kushmom

That wins the prize for the most creative BD card ever! I am SOOOO jealouse of you guys (sin duda).

by rho

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